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Matthew Crouse & Zack Albetta




                  Working Drummer Podcast, created by

                   Matthew Crouse and Mike Jackson, is

                   Nashville's number one podcast where

                              it is everything drummers.


             Marking their 200th episode in January 2019

                with an all star panel of drummers and a

               sit down with session great Chris McHugh.

      Their first ever live broadcast of Working Drummer

       from the Drum Pad at Drum Paradise in Nashville

                    proved to be one of their best yet.


        Go to WorkingDrummer.net for more information

           and ways to listen to the previous 199 episodes

              and for future live broadcasts to come here

                                 in The Nashville Loop.

200th Episode Live Broadcast

        Part 1   "Roundtable"

      200th Episode Live Broadcast

Part 2  Interview With Chris McHugh

    Working Drummer Podcast 

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