WHISKEY JAM               with

   Ward Guenther

                          Whiskey Jam with Ward Guenther 

                             is an 8 year running show from 

                            Winner's in mid-town Nashville.  

                  It is also the most documented show that's in                                                      The Nashville Loop.


        Featuring some of the best songwriters, bands & artists                                                 on the charts today.

                  As well as fantasic yet to be discovered talent.


                      This show can always promise 2 things.  


                    You will always find awesome music here.                                     But also from Emerson Hart to Ron White. 

     To Love and Theft,  A Thousand Horses, or Cadillac Three.

        You will regularly find suprise guests gracing this stage

                                       at any given moment. 






   WHISKEY JAM  1st Ever Live Broadcast

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Episodes & Video

                                                Episode 1

 This episode features Ward Guenther in a rare performance.

  Danielle Lauderdale gives a great performance & interview.         Chris Weaver & "Slim" From Lady Antebellum give us a                                  little history on Whiskey Jam.

                        Also "The Cunning"  & Taylor Faith.

                      Episode 2

     Check out this full episode of                           Whiskey Jam

     On the ASCAP take over night.



                    Episode 3

                  "Super Fan"

  Erin Grover Birthday Special


 An original song from the founder      of Whiskey Jam Ward Guenther

 and his band at The Basement East.


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