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                       Nashville Rising Song

          created and directed by Keith Mohr,

    is Nashville's only and long time running, 

             songwriting competition show!


             Having been around for 10 years 

     at various venues, NRS has seen the likes 

               of artists like Kelsea Ballerini

                    come across their stage.


    For the first time ever The Nashville Loop is

working with Nashville Rising Song to bring you

this show in a television competition show format,

          where the viewers and live audience

              decide the winner's in real time!


     So join us here every Tuesday night at 7pm

or on any of the 18 platforms we broadcast to each

      week, to vote for your favorite new songs

                   and see who is on the rise!


      Sea 6  Ep 11

Semi-Final Round

      Sea 6  Ep 12

      Final Round

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