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Located in the heart of Music City in Sylvan Park and comprised of an all star team of freelancers. We here at The Nashville Loop are dedicated to bringing you all kinds of awesomeness straight from Nashville that can't be seen anywhere else.

Well known faces and fresh talent alike get the spotlight shone on them here. We hope you'll tune in and join us for events, artist interviews,

and amazing live performances both pre-recorded shows and LIVE broadcasts (TBA).


With multiple Emmy awards and years of music, songwriting, recording, production, video, audio and editing experience, our team captures the essence of every scene.

Transporting viewers to the orginal location, making them feel as if they were actually there and a part of the action and right there at the venue.

The Nashville Loop                     Staff

LIVE Broadcast & Production Talent

                  Past & Present

        Katie Schnorrbusch    


   Host & Personality for TNL    Charity & Interview Specialist           Host of Katie's Corner 

                 Leigh Ann Cates 


           Host of House Salad &

        Live Broadcast Personality


        A long time resident of Nashville, graduate of

         Belmont College and 20 year veteran of the

  music industry at Star Song and Word Entertainment,

Leigh Ann embodies the most important elements of TNL.

Quality Experience, Integrity, True Talented Originality,

                      and Passion for Music City.


TNL  Freelance Crew              & Staff

Darrin Nelson -     Afganistan Veteran

                               Videography & Avid,

                                 Premier Pro Editor

Ali Snider -       Videography,                                   Premier Pro   &

                       After Effects Editor

Becca Heup -     Photography, Videography

                                   Photoshop Editing

Taylor Wilson -   Live Broadcasting Specialist

                                 Air/Drone Videography                                              & Special Effects

Jon Pate  -        Direction,



Steve Stokes-   Audio Specialist, Protools &

                      Premier Pro Editor

Joe Gosnell -   Audio Specialist

             Avid, Protools, Premier Pro Editor

Jack Lawrence


A long time, but now retired, Emmy winning and well known face in the broadcast television and production world.

Jack has worked on just about everything from the Super Bowl to the CMA's to The Grand Ole Opry.


We are very privileged to have him In The Loop as our lighting, production & broadcasting consultant.

Karen Matkosky - Logo & Graphic Design

Erika Pursiainen - Viewer Research,                                       Focus Groups &                                        Demographics


                      Lannie J. Cates 

                  Chief Legal Officer

      A long time resident of Nashville, recent graduate

of Alabama's Master's Law Program, and legal representative 

for the likes of everyone from King and Country, Switchfoot, 

 & Carmen. To Ross Vallory of Journey, 38 Special, Boston,

Brian "Head" Welch (guitarist for KORN) and Jodee Messina.


   We are very fortunate here at TNL to have such a deeply

  rooted and experienced legal mind who has spent 30 years 

   in the music business representing some of the best artists,

    entertainers, and musicians that this world has ever seen. 



       Tyler Corrado


   Sales, Marketing &


                      Leigh Ann Cates 

                    Executive Director

 A long time resident of Nashville, graduate of Belmont's 1989

 commercial music program, and 20 year veteran of Music Row

marketing with Star Song and Word Entertainment. TNL is very

fortunate to have Leigh Ann, who embodies the values of both the 

 old and new Nashville, as well as the passion for Music City and

the artists and musicians who have made Nashville what it is today.

Dr. James Taylor  Ed.D. 

   Co-founder of TNL

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