Drummer and founder Tom Hurst presents Loud Jamz.

  A once a month event for the last 8 years, this show                brings dozens of the best musicians and artists

                 in Nashville of all genres together. 

      Each month they perform and celebrate some of

   the best music that has been made in music history.

             While also featuring one artist or band

                         and their original material.

                If ever you are in town and can catch

          this show, we certainly highly recommend it.

               But if not you can catch all the action

                  and good times right here on TNL.


       Loud Jamz Live

       Latest Feature

       Dew Pendleton

       Loud Jamz Live

1st Ever Live Broadcast          

Full Show April 9th 2018 

         Loud Jamz Live

          April 9th 2018

  Featured Original Artist

Frances & The Foundation

                  Loud Jamz

                 Feb 6th 2017

   Rachel Rodriguez "Low Rider"

Featuring Chris Nix & Smith Curry

                   Loud Jamz

                 Feb 6th 2017

        Featured Original Artist

        Greg Eyma "Black Box"

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