Introducing the new series "House Salad" 

          created by Leigh Ann Cates.

 This is a new and outside the box kinda

series for TNL. In this show, we pay visits

to local artists and designers and specialty

shops that are known for making and selling

  the things we buy each day to make our

                     houses a home.

Episode 1

  In this episode you meet Nick Cua.

     A trash to treasure artist who

     makes all kinds of unique things

         for your home and family.

Episode 2

In this episode of House Salad Leigh Ann pays

a visit to the guys at Greenworks Hardscaping

  in Franklin. Anyone looking to expand their

  outdoor areas of their homes will enjoy this                  education in the hardscaping world.

Episode 3

   In this episode of House Salad Leigh Ann meets

     Sunny Rosenblam, founder of Tucker's House.

      A non profit organization that specializes in     renovating the homes of children with special needs.

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