GOD Stories

Presented by

         GOD Stories is a new series presented by

                           One Stone Nashville.

              A fast growing non-denominational

                         church in East Nashville.


           Founded and pastored by Mark Lancaster. 

        One Stone is fast becoming a very important                 spearhead in the expansion of God's Kingdom

                  in these most turbulent of times. 


        GOD Stories takes an in depth look into the                     personal and very powerful experiences of                      members of One Stone's congregation who

        have been greatly effected by the miracles of                                   GOD in their own lives.


         We are very proud and honored to bring you

     this powerful new series by One Stone Nashville.               It is our sincere hope that these stories can                   impact each and every viewer who watches as                  much as it has us here at The Nashville Loop.

Pastor Mark Lancaster

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Episode 1  "How GOD Heals Post Surgical Complications" 

Episode 2  "How GOD Heals Depression" 

Episode 3  "How GOD Defeats Drug Addiction" 

Episode 4  "How GOD Makes Rock Stars" 

Episode 5  "How GOD Does Business" 

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